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Kitty Obesity

Did you know that over half of our feline pals are overweight or obese? This probably isn’t a surprise. After all, sleeping and eating are most kitties’ favorite pastimes. However, while cats’ love of naps is cute, it does make…

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How To Pamper A Bunny

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Rabbits are super cute and charming pets! However, they are quite different from dogs and cats. What does it take to keep Floppy content? A Carroll, IA and Jefferson area vet offers some tips…

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Signs of Dental Issues In Dogs

Did you know that dental problems are one of the most common issues we see in dogs? Our canine pals can be afflicted by some very painful and dangerous issues, such as gum disease, misalignments, and cracked, chipped, or missing…

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