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How Can I Calm My Dog Down During Fireworks?

January 1, 2023

New Year’s is a time to celebrate, but it can also be a stressful event for dogs. Fireworks have been known to cause noise phobias in dogs, and they can cause extreme distress even during normal fireworks season. 

If your dog suffers from anxiety or fear around loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks, then you already know how he reacts when he hears them go off nearby. Read on as a local vet offers some tips on how to calm Fido during fireworks.

Create a Safe Space

If your dog doesn’t have a safe space to retreat to, create one. Find a quiet, dark space. Make sure there is a comfortable bed for them to lay on or even just some pillows and blankets so they have somewhere soft to rest their heads when they feel overwhelmed.

Try to keep your dog away from the windows if possible, especially if they are likely to hear fireworks nearby. If you can’t get them away from the window, consider covering it up with blankets or moving Fido inside another room that faces away from where fireworks might be going off.

Keep Them Inside 

Keep them inside during peak fireworks times and be sure to keep the windows closed. Also, don’t leave your dog outside in a yard, or in a car.

Exercise Them Early in the Day  

Exercise your pet early in the day. If you have time, try to exercise him before the fireworks start. Pets will be more relaxed if they’re tired from a good workout.

Play White Noise or Music

White noise is a constant sound that blocks out other noises, so it’s an excellent way to help calm your dog down. Radio static and fan humming are both examples of white noise. Or, you can try playing music that your dog likes to listen to while fireworks are going off.  

Make Sure Fido’s Wearing ID Tags

This is the most important step in keeping your dog safe during fireworks. The tag should include your phone number, which can be a life-saving resource should someone find Fido wandering around after the fireworks have ended.  

Talk to Your Vet

They can recommend various medications and supplements that might help calm your dog down during fireworks, as well as behavioral training (if you’re open to that).

If you have more questions or wish to schedule a consultation with one of our vets, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime!