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Celebrating The Aristocats: Marie Day

February 15, 2022

Did you grow up watching Disney cartoon movies? Those animated classics feature some adorable animals! While animated icons like Bambi, Dumbo, and Eor may get top billing, Marie, the cute kitty from the Aristocats, also has some devoted fans. In fact, this little ball of fur has become so popular that there is a whole day dedicated to her. February 22nd is officially Marie Day! A vet discusses this charming feline below.


Marie may be small, but she definitely packs a lot of character into a tiny package. While the little kitten is perhaps a bit spoiled, she is also quite romantic. Like most baby cats, Marie is very curious. And, like many kittens (and kids) she sometimes bickers with her siblings. Along with her brothers, Marie embarks on a series of harrowing miscatventures, and almosts ends up being shipped in a box to Timbuktu. This made for some nail-biting moments in the movie! Everything turned out okay in the end, of course. However, don’t let your cat take after this feline film star. Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside!


Marie is musically inclined, and enjoys playing the piano. This isn’t entirely fictitious: there are other feline pianists out there, as a Youtube search will reveal. However, most cats are more prone to singing. Unfortunately, our feline friends are terrible singers. We recommend sparing yourself this sound, by getting your kitty spayed or neutered.

Physical Appearance

Marie is a Turkish Angora. These pretty cats have fluffy white fur and blue eyes. We don’t recommend dressing them like Marie, who wears a pink ribbon: this can be a serious choking hazard. A pink collar, however, would be a cute (and much safer) homage to the cartoon kitty.

Other Appearances

The Aristocats wasn’t Marie’s only onscreen appearance. She also starred in the manga Miriya & Marie, in which it is revealed that her pink bow gives her the ability to time travel back to 1910 Paris. She’s also appeared in logos and promotions, alongside other Disney celebrepets, such as Pascal and the Cheshire Cat. Marie has also appeared live at Disney parks throughout the world. There’s actually quite a bit of Marie merchandise, from coffee cups to framed prints. The sassy little kitten has captured hearts all over the world. That’s definitely worth celebrating!

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