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Cold Weather Cat Care

November 15, 2021

Winter isn’t far off now. While we hopefully have several weeks before the worst weather hits, now is the time to start getting ready for the cold. Read on as a local Jefferson, IA area vet offers some advice on keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and safe when temperatures drop.

Keep Kitty In

This is the golden rule of good cat care, especially in winter. Fluffy is very small and vulnerable, and is in danger from multiple threats outside. Traffic, wild animals, and chemical exposure are hazards all year long. In winter, snow, cold and ice also threaten your furry friend. If you do let your kitty out, make sure that she has an emergency shelter. This doesn’t have to be fancy: a tote with a door in the side will do nicely. Just add some blankets or newspapers.

Offer Warm Spots

Did you know that our drowsy feline pals somehow manage to sleep even more than usual when it’s dark or dreary out? Fluffy will probably spend a good chunk of winter snoozing, and will appreciate having lots of warm spots to snuggle up in. You may want to get your kitty a thermal bed or blanket.

Litterbox Setup

Make sure Fluffy’s litterbox isn’t in a spot that is cold, dark, or drafty. No one enjoys using a chilly bathroom!

Don’t Overlook Grooming

Our feline overlords are very clean, and are pretty dedicated to their beauty regimes. However, Fluffy can still use some help getting all of that dead hair out of her coat. This will help keep your cute pet comfy, but it will also help keep her warm, as dead hair can interfere with the insulating qualities of her fur coat.


It’s starting to get dark pretty early. If your furry buddy stays home alone while you go to work, leave a light and radio on for her. That way, she isn’t stuck by herself in a dark, quiet house.


Our feline companions make great cuddle buddies and lap warmers. If you have a lap cat, your kitty may want to snuggle up with you more than usual on those chilly nights. Nothing makes a house seem more like a home on a winter night than a cat sleeping comfortably!

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your local Jefferson, IA area animal clinic, today!