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Craft for Your Local Shelters

July 15, 2020

Do you like crafting? Do you love pets? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, remember July 21st. It’s National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day! This is a great way to do something to help the lovely dogs and cats that currently live in shelters, hoping someone will take them home. (It’s also a great rainy-day project for kids!) Below, a vet lists some things that you can make for your shelter.

Rope Toy

Many dogs love to play tug of war. It only takes a few minutes to turn old T-shirts or towels into rope toys for pups. Cut the cloth into strips and braid them together. You might use different colors for added effect. Next, braid the braids together and tie the rope off with a large knot. Try incorporating a tennis ball for extra fun! 

Catnip Mice

Get a large bag of loose catnip and some fabric material. If you want to go all-out, you can make these into mice. But remember: your cat really doesn’t care if her toys are shaped like mice or not. You can just make squares and stuff those with the catnip. Fluffy will enjoy it either way! 

Kitty Tent

You can make a cat tent out of an old T-shirt and a wire hanger in just a few minutes. Make the neck into the ‘door’ and use the hanger for support. This one is great for timid cats because they’ll feel safer in an enclosed space.

Cat Tower

Get an old step ladder and attach some boards onto the steps to turn them into kitty platforms. (Ensure there are no sharp edges or splinters.) Then, cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. Perfect! 

Crafts For Smaller Pets

Remember that there are bunnies, birds, and pocket pets in shelters. Little pets need love too! Try making toys for these smaller animals, using things like paper cardboard tubes, popsicle sticks, shoeboxes, or printer paper. You can turn an old toilet-paper tube into a little ball by cutting it into rings and reassembling it. Do some research online for more ideas and instructions.

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