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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June 1, 2020

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? There’s never a bad time to adopt a shelter cat. However, this really is the purrfect time to add a kitty to your household. At this time of year, shelters are often overwhelmed by kittens. That sounds adorable, but the sad truth is that there are far too many homeless cats in shelters, hoping someone will adopt them. A Jefferson, IA area vet lists some great reasons to adopt a shelter kitty below.

Save A Life

First and foremost, when you adopt a shelter cat, you’re giving that one lucky kitty a new lease on life, and a chance at a fresh start. That kindness may not change the world, but it will definitely change Fluffy’s world.

Help Other Animals

When you adopt a shelter cat, you’re helping the shelter care for other homeless kitties. For one thing, you’re making room for another cute feline. Plus, Fluffy’s adoption fees will help the shelter stay solvent financially.

Save Money

Adopting from a shelter is often much cheaper than going through a breeder or pet store. Plus, since shelter kitties are typically already fixed, you may also save on veterinary costs.

Find a Purrfect Pet

Shelters have a huge variety of adorable pets. You definitely won’t have a hard time finding one. Just don’t overlook the less desirable cats. Sometimes the kitties no one wanted make the most loving pets! Of course, sometimes people only need to look at an animal to fall in love. Fluffy has a special way of melting our hearts!

Make Home Time Better

Many people are spending a lot of time at home this year. Bringing a kitty into your home will help you make the most of this time. Fluffy will definitely keep you entertained and smiling. Plus, she’s a wonderful source of comfort in troubled times. 

Purrs and Cuddles

Although cats have a reputation for being aloof, they really do form very strong bonds with their humans. They also know when somebody has helped them, and tend to be very grateful and devoted to their saviors. Fluffy may repay your kindness with unlimited snuggles and purrs, unconditional love, and absolute devotion, along with the occasional hairball. What more could you ask for?

Please reach out to us, your local Jefferson, IA area pet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!